Tracy Gilmore, LCSW
Clinical Director

Tracy Gilmore, LCSW, MFA joined JPA’s management team as clinical supervisor in June, 2014. Ms. Gilmore brings 13 years of experience in the field of social work, as well as a variety of other related studies. Her background includes three years at a transitional shelter for children who were displaced wards of the state; work with mothers and children at a domestic violence counseling center; counseling in an outpatient, psychoanalytic setting; and eight years as a JPA therapist in the award winning Building Bridges to North Lawndale program. At JPA, Ms. Gilmore completed postgraduate study in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, heads JPA’s implementation of HIPAA health care reform, and is working with Dr. Budde on writing elucidating JPA’s therapeutic methods.

Prior to her Masters in Social Work, Ms. Gilmore earned a Masters in Fine Arts from University of Chicago. At University of Illinois at Chicago, she also completed a Masters in Philosophy and defended her dissertation proposal, “Ideology and non-Propositional Elements of Cognition.” Ms. Gilmore’s varied interests have always related to subtle ways that harmful messages are taken into and sustained in people’s psyches, usually outside of their conscious awareness. Her passion has been to help people understand and free themselves from these harms, and she has found her most meaningful work on this through serving JPA’s clients.

Ms. Gilmore has particular interests in the role of attachment issues in mental health and in the therapeutic process, the therapeutic implications of recent neuroscience research, and effective training of psychotherapists. She believes that when a client’s unnamed experiences are identified, expressed and validated within a safe relationship, the client’s natural capacities are freed to decrease symptoms and increase constructive behaviors.

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