Connect 2 Kids (C2K)

What is C2K?

Connect 2 Kids (C2K) responds to teachers' requests for a pragmatic, lasting SEL approach that helps enhance their relationship-building skills and their understanding of young children exhibiting challenging behaviors, often due to trauma and other adversities. Deepening teachers' insights into children's behaviors helps them consider each child more effectively, increasing positive and constructive student-teacher interactions. As a result, punitive measures decrease, children spend more time in class, and both parties become allies, not antagonists.


In C2K, licensed clinical social workers with specialized knowledge of early childhood development provide training and support to teachers through weekly, non-judgmental observations and consultation sessions focusing on classroom issues and the development and implementation of child support plans. For example, a JPA consultant might observe a teacher-student interaction and follow up with the teacher about how difficult it might have been. Working together, they would fashion a more positive approach for next time. These sessions help teachers build real-time interventions that contribute to stronger and more positive relationships with their students.


C2K clinicians also conduct classroom groups for students featuring developmentally appropriate lessons about important social and emotional skills. They also provide parent workshops focused on mutual support and engagement throughout the school year. For more information about C2K, you can download this flyer.


Teacher and Pupil

C2K sessions help teachers build real-time interventions that contribute to stronger and more positive relationships with their students so they can learn.

What Educators Say

  • “[The consultant] is so good at listening and affirming me as a teacher. I always feel better about myself and feel prepared to make changes for my kids every time we meet.”
    - Teacher

  • “I absolutely love meeting with [my consultant]. She is so supportive, kind, and thoughtful. She pushes me out of my comfort zone and challenges me to think about kids in ways that really help me to relate to them.”
    - Teacher

  •  “When [the consultant] is there to witness some of the challenges, I think [the teachers] feel comfortable going to her afterwards because she has her own account and point of view on what is happening. The result is more immediate problem solving.”
    - Assistant Principal

  • “[The consultant] is an amazing asset for our teachers. [She] is observant, pro-active, helpful and is able to articulate the needs of students in an easy way for teachers to understand. The only improvement the team mentioned is they wish she were here more than one day a week.”

  •  “The advice offered helps me to function and interact in a positive way with students that have suffered trauma.”


Bring C2K to Your School

For more information, download this flyer or contact Erin Vanden Brook, LCSW.
C2K Coordinator