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Connect 2 Kids (C2K)

What is C2K?


Connect to Kids (C2K) is a therapeutic consultation program focused on building and enhancing caring and supportive relationships between teachers and students to help students feel and function better. Consultants work with teachers to build and enhance a reflective practice that explores the student’s subjective experience, the role of co-regulation and relationship, and the meaning of behavior and trauma responses. Consultants provide guidance in this reflection, responsive relational strategies, and a space to process the teacher’s experiences.


How C2K Works

  • Weekly meetings between the teacher and C2K consultant to discuss challenges and classroom needs

  • Development & implementation of child support plans to assist specific student needs

  • Classroom observations

  • Open communication between the teacher & C2K consultant

  • SEL Classroom Groups focusing on topics including:

    •  Community Building

    •  Friendships/Relationships

    •  Healthy/Safe Touch and Personal Space

    • Kindness

    • Empathy

    • Self–Awareness and Self–Esteem

  • Feedback forms throughout the year to assess C2K's impact​

What Educators Say

I like being able to talk through what goes on within my classroom and work through strategies to improve. 

The advice offered helps me to function and interact in a positive way with students that have suffered trauma.

 I feel listened to, coached, and free to discuss certain things! It's such a breath of fresh air. 

I absolutely love meeting with [my consultant]. She is so supportive, kind, and thoughtful. She pushes me out of my comfort zone and challenges me to think about kids in ways that really help me to relate to them.

C2K sessions help teachers build real-time interventions that contribute to stronger and more positive relationships with their students so they can learn.

C2K Outcomes


Of teachers indicated that their relationships with students discussed in consultation improved


Of teachers indicated that C2K consultation helps them better understand and respond to the social & emotional needs of their students


Of teachers indicated that consultation helps them think more positively about their students, even when they have challenging behavior 

Bring C2K to Your School

For more information, download this flyer or contact Erin Vanden Brook, LCSW, C2K Coordinator

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