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Grandparent Project

JPA has partnered with the Grandmother Collective to bring the Grandmother Project’s Change Through Culture Approach to the United States. Utilizing the framework of the GMP, JPA trains community elders who are identified as leaders by their peers, on social-emotional skills, improving their communication with youth, and enhancing their knowledge of adolescence. The Grandmothers then hold weekly, in-school sessions for middle school girls consisting of group discussion and an activity – both of which are structured but unscripted. With time, the girls recognize these sessions as a safe space where they can talk, be heard, and express themselves.  

During Grandparent Project’s pilot last year, five well-respected women from North Lawndale worked with two cohorts of middle school girls in two North Lawndale partner schools. Through song, crafts, activities – and focused listening - the elders support the social-emotional skills and well-being of students to help them address community issues with violence, gang activity, bullying, and neglect.  

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For more information about JPA's Grandparent Project, contact Erinn Boone, Grandparent Project Coordinator at
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