JPA's Staff Members

JPA uses compassionate, relationship-based practices and policies that support the academic, social, and emotional growth and well-being of children affected by trauma and toxic stress.
JPA Leadership
Karen G. Foley

President & CEO

Stephen Budde, PhD

Executive Vice President

Selma Walker

Sr. Director of Operations

Alec Ross, LCSW

Sr. Director of Clinical Practices


Dana Snodgrass

Chief Development Officer

JPA's Therapists and Consultants
Elizabeth Singler Anzilotti, MS, LSW
Francesca Cole-Barnes, LCPC
Meredith Gettleman, LSW
Prarthana Khullar, MS, LCSW

Staff Therapist

Jenna Kraft, MA, LCSW

C2K Consultant/Director, New Light

Erin Vanden Brook, LCSW

Director, 9th Gear/Staff Therapist

Raven M. Walker, MSW

C2K Consultant

Staff Members
Rochelle Jackson

Administrative Specialist

Marilyn Marshall

Administrative Assistant