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Hi, I am Sally Herschman

Sally Herschman_Photo.jpg

Sally Herschman, LCSW

Director, New Light

Sally Herschman, LCSW, Director of New Light joined JPA in August 2023.  Sally graduated from Loyola University of Chicago and is a licensed clinical social worker and an adjunct professor at the Erikson Institute. 


Sally has extensive experience treating infants, children, adolescents and families, as well as providing clinical consultation, training, and supervision.  Sally had the privilege to learn Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) from one of the model creators, Patricia Van Horn, and is a rostered CPP clinician and supervisor. 

Prior to joining JPA, Sally spent almost 20 years with JCFS Chicago where she learned about the power every person has within themselves and how a therapist can help that power become known and rise to the surface to be a source of energy for the changes we each long for. 

In her free time, Sally enjoys reading, practicing yoga and spending time with her animals.

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