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Hi, I am Janaya Crevier

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Janaya Crevier

New Light Clinician

Change is constant. Whether it’s the tumult of growing up, or the twists and turns of adulthood, life is constantly shifting and rearranging under our feet. In this context, getting to know yourself—your emotions, your grief, your needs and your gifts—may be overwhelming. I honor the part of you that is seeking therapy for your particular journey. In my practice, I work with adults, teenagers, and children, specializing in therapy for queer and LGBTQIA+ youth and adults. I also specialize in therapy for individuals who have experienced trauma. I utilize an anti-oppressive, antiracist, and relational framework to build safety, understanding, and connection in the therapeutic relationship. My style is warm, direct, and welcoming of all aspects of your experience: the good, the bad, the ugly, and even that which is yet unknown to you. Together, we can develop a shared understanding of your unique situation: how your past brought you here, how you are coping with the present, and how you want to grow and transform into the future. I look forward to hearing from you

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