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Hi, I am Ingrid Herzig

headshot Ingrid.jpeg

Ingrid Concha Herzig

New Light Clinician

Ingrid Concha Herzig, New Light Clinician, joined JPA in November 2023.  Ingrid was born and raised in Mexico City, and started working with children and their families in different schools very early in her career.


Growing up as a psychologist, Ingrid was always drawn to the mental health field because of the great historical and social needs we live in. Raising awareness and normalizing the importance of mental health has always been one of her top professional priorities.


In her free time, Ingrid enjoys running, spending time with loved ones, and doing outdoor activities that allow her to connect with nature. Ingrid also loves animals, sports, and maintaining an active lifestyle as part of self-care. She believes in being kind and caring with one another and with the Earth.

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