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Hi, I'm Shenicka Jones


Shenicka Jones

Mental Health Consultant

Shenicka Jones, LMSW, Mental Health Consultant, joined JPA in February 2022. Shenicka attended Case Western Reserve University and received a Master’s in Social Administration (2011). Shenicka's duties at JPA include collaborating with teachers around responsive relational strategies for students, and consultation, observation, and facilitation of SEL and psychoeducational classroom groups.


Prior to joining JPA, Shenicka was a School-Based Counselor, After School Program site manager, tutor, and Youth Connections Coordinator. Shenicka is the caregiver of 3 intelligent, healthy, and bright young ladies, and in her free time, she enjoys resting, meditation, journaling, and live music, and brunch with friends. Two fun facts about Shenicka are that she is the oldest of 8 children and is trained in infant massage therapy. 
Shenicka is All in for Kids because  "I was a vulnerable child growing up in the inner city of Toledo, OH. I went to public schools and therapy in schools was non-existent. My parents didn't believe in talking to "outsiders", so if we couldn't "work it out" inside of the home than we were left dealing with the impact, and stain of the issues we encountered. I didn't learn what trauma was and how it looked in our lives until well into my adulthood. Working through my own trauma's, with my own counselor, helped me to see how important it is for the work we are doing at JPA and other organizations like us. It' imperative that we improve the social and emotional well-being and functioning of vulnerable children TODAY! so they can reach their fullest potential at home, in school, and in our communities much sooner than I did."

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