Hi, I'm Rochelle Jackson

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Rochelle Jackson

Administrative Specialist

Working at JPA has been one of the many joys in life; I've been here for nearly 30 years. The work we do has a large impact on the lives of the families we serve. Our programs have helped many people over the years, and I hope we can continue to improve the mental health of many more.


In my current position as Administrative Specialist, I handle all accounts payable and manage JPA’s donations and receivables for deposits and the organization’s donors’ log. In addition to those responsibilities, I also maintain and enter all data for our Schools Programs as well as data collected from other child welfare projects JPA collaborates with. I'm also JPA’s Intake Coordinator, assisting callers with referrals for counseling, housing, employment, and other community resources.


As JPA’s Research Assistant, I coordinated the recruitment and follow-up of participants in The Capella Project, known as LONGSCAN, is a 20-year longitudinal study of high-risk families with a history of child maltreatment, extreme poverty, prenatal exposure to alcohol and other drugs and exposure to neighborhood violence. Due to my efforts, study participants doubled. In the early years of the study, I trained over 30 research interns, conducted hundreds of interviews and was able to stay in contact with 247 participants through birthday and holiday cards over a 20 year period.   


When the study ended, I served as the Administrative Coordinator of the Parenting Assessment Team, assisting clients with severe mental health issues transition into the Parenting Assessment Team (PAT) and/or Permanency Planning (PP) for Parenting Capacity Assessments. I maintained documents needed for these assessments, conducted initial release of information interviews and scheduled Parenting Capacity Assessments with parents and caseworkers.  


In August 2014, I recruited 114 of the youth participants of the LONGSCAN study who are now adults to participate in an online survey for the National Institute for Drug Administration study.


I love to crochet, and for the past five years through my annual “Hats for the Homeless” project, I've made hats for the homeless, choosing a different organization each year to donate them to. 


I attended Wilbur Wright City College and Harper College, I am a member of the North Lawndale Community Coordinating Council (NLCCC), and serve as Chair of the Transportation/Infrastructure Committee, and the Farragut H.S. Alumni Association, an expert in Neighborhood Resources and Event Planning, as well as a community volunteer and serve on the Mayor’s Pedestrian Advisory Council and Vision Zero Chicago Advisory Council.