Hi, I'm Raven Walker

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C2K Consultant

Raven M. Walker, MSW

I earned my MSW with a specialization in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health from Erikson Institute. I also hold a B.A. in Psychology with Africana Studies and Political Science minors from Southern Illinois University – Carbondale.


I have always been interested in people’s stories and how they come to be. In learning other people's stories and learning my own, I came to understand that people do not exist within a vacuum. We are all influenced by sociohistorical, cultural, institutional factors in addition to our relationships with family, caregivers, and our communities.  I hold the complexities of how we are shaped by the interactions between us, those around us as well as the systems around us. I believe that serving young children, their families and caregivers should include thoughtful integration of relational, sociohistorical, cultural, and systemic lenses and how these lenses affect individuals and communities within their daily lives and also neurobiologically.


My vision in doing this work is to connect the most intimate parts of individuals with the world-at-large and to illuminate the influencing factors between them. I envision a society that has an education system that equips children not only with the academic knowledge that will serve them well, but also knowledge of self that enables them to be resilient, self-compassionate, and empathic individuals.