Hi, I'm Prarthana Khullar

Prarthana Khullar

Staff Therapist

I started at JPA in July 2014. I feel drawn to the connections and relationships that emerge from my work at JPA. I am reminded every day that there is so much more to a person than meets the eye.


I earned my BA in Psychology, English Literature, and Sociology at Christ College, Bangalore, India and a BA in Psychology at the University of Illinois--Springfield. I earned my MS in Child Development at the Erickson Institute Chicago and my MSW at Loyola University Chicago.


During my undergraduate education, I volunteered at a suicide prevention helpline, residential group home, and as a college mentor at a local middle school. I also worked at a community mental health clinic and with adults and children hospitalized due to their symptoms.


My current role at JPA as a staff therapist involves providing child and family therapy in the community setting, facilitating small therapeutic groups and classroom interventions; and supportive consultation to families, teachers, and administrators at an elementary school. I'm committed to providing relationship-based, culturally-sensitive, client-centered therapeutic services to children and families. I also support clients at JPA’s New Light group practice.


My specialty areas include Psychodynamic psychotherapy,trauma-informed care, parenting, relationship issues, grief and loss, anxiety, and self-esteem. I am a member of the  National Association of Social Workers (NASW)