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Hi, I'm Marilyn Marshall

JPA Headshots-3.jpg

Marilyn Marshall

Administrative Assistant

Working at JPA allows me to connect with people, something I love to do. When people walk through our doors I am their connection to the services they need. I make sure they are comfortable and feel welcome and respected. It is something I take pride in, and receive lots of compliments from visitors on my greetings; I also feel appreciated by staff and clients.


I've been at JPA since 2005, where I've held longstanding recognition as being one of JPA’s best receptionists. I also serve as Administrative Assistant to JPA’s President & CEO. In this capacity I support several departments at JPA, managing many essential administrative responsibilities which directly support our clinical, management and research teams. I'm constantly learning new things and keeping up with my constantly-changing tasks. 

Some of my favorite reads are “Office and Admin-10 Ways to be a Great Administrative Assistant” by Peter Jones & "The 15 Undeniable Skills of a Rockstar Administrative Assistant " by Jeff Murphy.

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