Hi, I'm Jenna Kraft

Jenna Kraft, MA, LCSW

Director, New Light; Staff Therapist

I'm a relationally-focused psychotherapist who has provided mental health services to children, adults, couples, and families in neighborhoods all over Chicago for the past eight years. I bring a strong background in trauma and feminist, gender, and race studies to my therapeutic work. 


At the University of Michigan, I earned a BA in psychology and women's studies and contributed to three large-scale research studies exploring the impact of identity on self-image, achievement, and self-esteem, published in Professional Psychology Research and Practice. I also contributed to “Conceptually Sound Thinking about Depression: An Internet Survey and Its Implications,” drawing attention to the multiple interacting causes that contribute to one’s mental health. 


After completing my graduate studies in social work at The University of Chicago, I provided community support services for adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses. I joined JPA in 2014 and have contributed to two large-scale JPA initiatives: Building Bridges to North Lawndale (BBNL) and North Lawndale Reads (NLR). I provide elementary school children and their caregivers with comprehensive therapeutic support, facilitate small treatment and psychosocial skill-building classroom groups, and consultation to educators and administrators in schools. In 2017, I became Program Director of JPA’s newest clinical program, New Light, providing outpatient fee-for-service psychotherapy. 


I have consistently seen the transformation and insight relationships can provide when someone is truly heard. I'm committed to providing interactive, client-centered and compassionate therapeutic services. My specialties are women’s issues, depression, anxiety, social and relationship concerns, children and adolescents, couples, parenting and family concerns, trauma and healing, and life transtions. I belong to the ​National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and the  American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA).