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Hi, I'm Geneice Lofton


Geneice Lofton

Mental Health Consultant

Geneice Lofton, Mental Health Consultant, joined JPA in July 2021. Geneice graduated with a Masters of Child Development (2018) and a Masters of Social Work (2022) from Erikson Institute. In her role at JPA, Geneice is a mental health consultant to Chicago Public School teachers and provides SEL support for students & teachers. 

Prior to joining JPA, Geneice was an inclusion consultant at Early Childhood Care Centers, a Developmental Therapist Intern at Erikson Institute, and an Early Intervention Service Coordinator. Geneice is one of four siblings, and in her free time loves to spend time with her nieces and nephews and watch interesting documentaries.

Geneice is All in for Kids because  "Children are the future. They deserve a chance to excel, thrive and succeed despite any negative circumstances and risk factors that they have experienced."

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