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Ask Jane

JPA is lucky to have the spirit of our founder, Jane Addams, helping us stay true to our mission. In her honor, we created "Ask Jane," a way for students, parents, teachers, and others to ask questions about issues affecting them. You can ask her about dealing with stress, how trauma affects children, ways to constructively discipline a child, and related topics. Simply complete the form with your question and she'll get back to you with a public response. If your request is personal, let her know and you'll receive a personal reply.

Real Kids,

Real Stories

JPA focuses on positive relationships. We don’t try to “fix” kids but instead build relationships so they can grow. We harness children’s natural drive to learn, succeed, and engage in positive relationships, while lowering psychological barriers impeding progress.


Read a few real stories of children JPA has worked with and how we approached "presenting issues" these children faced.  

Real Kids

Here you'll find ideas, tips, and lessons you can use in the classroom or living room to build relationships with your students or children.

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