Hi, I'm Samekquel McGill

Samekquel (Meka) McGill, MA


I earned my undergraduate degrees in criminal justice and psychology from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. During this time, I became interested in the intersection of mental health and the criminal justice system, specifically the benefits of restoration within communities. I conducted group counseling sessions with perpetrators of domestic violence who had been referred by the court. I also became involved with Guardian ad Litem, an advocacy organization where court-appointed volunteers attend court with and on behalf of children, supporting their needs and concerns during legal proceedings. In the process, I interacted with children regarding advocacy and permanency planning. I became intrigued with early intervention as a deterrent from the criminal justice system and further pursued a clinical degree, obtaining a master’s degree in forensic psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology where I developed a clinical understanding of trauma and the many ways it can affect a child. During my clinical internship, I worked with children in a residential facility, providing individual and group therapy to youth ages 5-16 in a milieu setting. After graduate school, I supported adults living independently within the community while providing therapeutic services to those with dual diagnoses while learning about Medicaid. 

At JPA, I provide individual and group therapy to elementary school students focusing on areas such as self-esteem, conflict resolution, anger management, and processing trauma. My specialty areas include depression, anxiety, and trauma.