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Board Member Manual

Medicaid Policies Updated as of March 2020                                   

JPA is working closely with the Illinois Bureau of Accreditation, Licensure & Certification (BALC) on JPA’s application to be approved to bill Medicaid. What follows are the policies required by the State in order to be an approved Medicaid biller. 


JPA was already following the majority of required policies, with the exception of two newly development policies (Client Grievance and Utilization Plan). Updates to existing policies generally contain minor wording changes to be in full compliance with BALC requirements.  While JPA followed practices that were consistent with the Client Grievance Policy, we had not formalized our practices in writing. We now have a written policy. The second new policy, Utilization Plan, involves an additional annual audit of existing practices to insure continuous quality improvement.


If you have any question about these policies, please contact Karen G. Foley.

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