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My daughter just entered Middle School and has her own phone. As parents, we have set guidelines about usage, social media apps she can download, etc. However, no matter how much I think we’re protecting her, I still know that cyber-bullying can happen. Can you give me any tips on how to talk with her about this issue? Should there be a problem, what are the best ways we can help her work through it, being mindful of not punishing her in the process (e.g. taking away her phone, etc.)?

Middle Schoolers

& Cell Phones



I’m a grade school teacher with a lively but well-behaved classroom. Unfortunately, during free time on the playground a few students don’t know when their play becomes too rough or too dominating. This situation not only intimidates the others, it also results in others’ not wanting to play with them. I’ve asked to meet with the parents, but they say it’s my problem and don’t want to come in. What can I do to help them get involved? I don’t want their children to get in trouble or be left out.

This month’s questions focus on issues of child abuse and prevention. Everyone has a part to play keeping children safe.

Child Abuse Prevention



My children are done with school in two weeks. Summer can be a difficult time for us. How can I support them through this period?

I enjoy good relationships with both my children, ages 5 and 8, but I wonder how I can strengthen those connections as they grow older. I want to be sure they know they can come to me whenever they need to.



Supporting LGBTQ Students

What can I do to if I see a student being bullied because of his or her perceived sexual and/or gender orientation?

A girl has taken to calling me “mom” in my classroom. What is that all about? Is it okay? How should I as her teacher respond? Should the administration be involved? What should I think about and do?

Parental Figures for Students

Child Safety

I am the parent of three children, Kindergarten through 8th grade. With all the stories in the news about “stranger danger” and the #MeToo movement, for example, sometimes I worry about letting them out of the house. What can I do as a parent to keep them safe?

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