An effective program to help teachers connect with their love of teaching

JPA understands that teachers often face enormous challenges in carrying out their personal and professional mission to educate children, especially when so many students struggle with trauma and behavioral problems in the classroom.

In response, JPA has created a program that is focused on educators. We call it Connect. Connect was developed by experts who have used first-hand clinical and teaching experience to create a systematic, integrated training and consultation program that helps educators meet the demands of today’s classroom.

Principals, academic deans and teachers who have brought Connect to their schools report that the program has:

  • Had a positive impact on reducing teacher burnout and turnover
  • Strengthened their ability to be firm and clear with children, without pairing firmness with harshness
  • Enhanced their use of developmentally-oriented unstructured and structured play to promote social-emotional development and learning
  • Helped them use calm and supportive responses to children with behavior problems, including new deescalation techniques
  • Provided them with constructive, positive, and enjoyable relational intervention strategies for children needing special attention
  • Created positive and non-blaming views of an interactions with parents

To learn more about Connect, please contact Michele Lansing, MS Ed., LCSW at

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