9th Gear

A clinically informed mentoring program to help 8th grade students transition to high school

The transition to high school is considered on of the leakiest junctures in the educational pipeline. Students who "land" well in 9th grade and successfully adjust to high school are 4x more likely to earn their high school diplomas. Too many young teens suffer from trauma as a result of neighborhood or even home violence, abuse, and neglect. These young people have hopes and dreams and want to succeed - and, with a little extra support, they can!

9th Gear helps students prepare for the transition from 8th grade to high school by:

  • Developing positive relationships with adults so they can form positive relationships with new teachers
  • Improving self-management to help facilitate a smoother adjustment to the increased demands of high school
  • Establishing positive relationships with peers to help them build new friendships and a support network
  • Increasing executive functioning skills to cope and better manage the workload of high school

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