Rochelle Jackson

Administrative Specialist

Rochelle recently celebrated 26 years as a JPA employee. Rochelle started at JPA in 1990 as the front desk receptionist and in 1993 was promoted to Research Assistant to help coordinate the recruitment and follow-up of participants in The Capella Project, a 20 year longitudinal study of high risk families with a history of child maltreatment, extreme poverty, prenatal exposure to alcohol and other drugs and exposure to neighborhood violence. Due to Rochelle’s efforts, study participants doubled. In the first four years of the study, she conducted videotaped in-home observations of mother and infant/child social competencies and videotaped in-office parent/child observations and stranger attachment paradigms. During this study, Rochelle trained over 30 research interns, conducted hundreds of interviews and was able to keep continued contact with 247 participants through birthday and holiday cards over an 18 year period.

When the study ended, Rochelle became the Administrative Coordinator of the Parenting Assessment Team where she assisted clients with severe mental health issues transition into participation with Parenting Assessment Team (PAT) and/or Permanency Planning (PP) for Parenting Capacity Assessments. She maintained documents needed for these assessments, conducted initial release of information interviews and scheduled Parenting Capacity Assessments with parents and caseworkers. She created and maintained appropriate storage of confidential materials received from referring agencies, proofread and edited documents for final assessment reports and prepared and transferred confidential documentation for client psychiatric evaluations.

As the Administrative Specialist, in addition to those responsibilities she also maintains and enters all data for JPA’s BBNL schools project, as well the Children’s Place and Carole Robertson Center. She also handles the accounts payables and receivables, the donors log and is JPA’s Intake Coordinator, helping callers with referral resources for counseling, housing, employment and other community resources.

In August 2014, Rochelle began recruiting the children of the LONGSCAN study who are now young adults for the National Institute for Drug Administration study. Rochelle is the employee with all the colors of the rainbow.

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